Private Sale

Oh, it was such a busy time! We have successfully completed the private sale of FlyShiba token.

Many thanks to all the investors who showed interest and supported the future project from the very beginning.

I can say that we successfully sold 51.5% (24,316,138) of the total number of tokens…

We are pleased to announce that we have successfully launched a FlyShiba ($SHIBF) token for the public and available for trading.

I’ll say it wasn’t easy! But we did it and we’re closer to our goal: All in one platform development.
More information about the platform will follow soon, follow us on social networks.

Poocoin Chart:
Token Contract Addrese: 0x59b377105051693F9b00Bc10222C34eed1Fb277d

All in One Platform Ecosystem: FLYSHIBA $SHIBF

A cryptocurrency on #BSC building the greatest network connecting people in one platform!

Our Social Accounts

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Oh, today was a great day! One of the most popular Latvian Youtubers streamed and celebrated his son’s birthday during the live broadcast! We, the community with empathy and support, wanted to help and support the live broadcast financially, thanks to the kindness of our CEO Kaspars Gaveiks and the foundation of the project.

We believe we gave a good gift and did good. Happy birthday Michael and wish you the best, grow big and strong! Greetings to parents, endurance and love rich marriage!

Thanks to this, we spread the FlyShiba name further in the Baltics.


Something very good is approaching, see you soon friends!

What is CoinCodex?

CoinCodex is an aggregator for cryptocurrency information. We gather data from more than 210 exchanges to bring you real-time prices, historical charts and volume data for over 6,000 coins. We also provide an extensive database of over 3,500 ICOs and cover the most important cryptocurrency and blockchain developments.

Fly Shiba partnership with CoinCodex?

Greetings friends! We are pleased to announce that we are a partners with CoinCodex. We have been successfully listed on their website, based on their page views, we’re exposed to 2 million views per day.

Whats next?

Stay with us, be patient and know that we will be delighted with even more news soon!

Private Sale

At the moment it is possible to invest and buy some tokens at private sale.
Private sale start date: 25. October and will end on 15. November.

When buying tokens for private sale, you have the opportunity to buy them for 35% lower price and receive a lot more tokens in total than others, where others will buy presales or from public sale, when we will have CEX and DEX available.

Public Whitelist Presale

You will be able to buy tokens for 21% lower price.
The Presale starts on November 16 and will run until November 23.

To participate and have the opportunity to invest in a presale, you must participate in the Whitelist Contest
Whitelist Contest:

For more information please see our website: and join our Telegram group: FLY SHIBA OFFICIAL


▪️ A cryptocurrency on #BSC building the greatest network connecting people in one platform! ▪️ Telegram community:

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